Knock Out PD would like thank the following families/individuals for their generosity. Anonymous donations will remain anonymous – We thank you!

  • Richard Diehl on behalf of Sue VanLeer
  • Ty & Mary Wagner
  • Nancy & Bob Heller
  • Tony Shemon
  • Maeve Mihan on behalf of Alice Mihan
  • Timothy Shelley on behalf of Sue VanLeer
  • Barry Van Leer
  • Gene Hoover
  • Smith & Wagner Family on behalf of Jake Wagner
  • Humer Family on behalf of Williard ‘PeeWee’ Humer
  • Jill Breneman
  • Coleen & David Campbell
  • Shaun Askin
  • Ivan Ressler
  • Alyssa Zevallos on behalf of Bill Bankert
  • Amanda Ferguson
  • Jane Hoover
  • Kathleen Grogan on behalf of Louise Nash
  • Darla Pritchard on behalf of Sue VanLeer
  • Austin Shemon of behalf of Tony Shemon
  • Marsha Sherman
  • Amanda Paganas of behalf of Rose Jezycki
  • Brandi Sollenberger
  • Carol Gallagher on behalf of Sue VanLeer
  • Karen Trueax
  • Richard Diehl

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