(2018) Knock Out PD would like thank the following families/individuals for their generosity.

  • The Nesgoda-Cummings Family
  • The Weaver Family
  • Amy Addams in honor of Wilbur Bishop, Jr
  • Denise Pries
  • Laura McKenzie in honor of Andy McKenzie
  • Alyssa Zevallos in honor of Bill Bankert
  • Amy Boob in honor of Ruth Myers
  • Mike and Kathy Sload
  • Smith’s & Wagner’s in honor of Jake Wagner
  • McKay, Rhoads & Humer Family in honor of Willard Humer
  • Ivan Ressler
  • Diana Mulligan in honor of Angie Butts
  • Mulligan Management Group
  • Amanda Paganas in honor of Rose Jezycki
  • Kerry Schneck in honor of Claude Schneck
  • Tiffani King
  • Jennifer Young in honor of Uncle Pete Peterson
  • Diane Colvin in honor of Harold Ginder
  • Richard Long in honor of Fred Eiswert
  • The Marsh Family
  • Positive Reinforcement ABA Therapy
  • The Beeghley’s
  • Denise Archer

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