Parkinson’s Disease Fundraising Harrisburg

parkinson's disease fundraising harrisburg

“Recently I have found myself entering into a new endeavor along with my father Jake …. in supporting the Parkinson Foundation to help raise funds and awareness for Parkinson’s disease, the same disease my dad has now battled for over 19 years.” –Tammy Smith

Together, Tammy and her father, Jake Wagner have created the campaign KnockOutPD.  KnockOutPD participates and organizes events for Parkinson’s Disease fundraising throughout Harrisburg and Elizabethtown Pennsylvania.

At the age of 56, Jake was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.  For the past 19 years, he has continued to fight this debilitating disease one punch and one day at a time with his family by his side.   As any Parkinson’s disease champion knows you must adjust daily to the punches that Parkinson’s disease throws at you.

Support KnockOutPD’s Parkinson’s Disease Fundraising

In order to support and further Parkinson’s disease research, KnockOutPD has planned and set forth some events and goals for 2017 and 2018.  Help KnockOutPD with their Parkinson’s Disease Fundraising goals in Harrisburg and Elizabethtown Pennsylvania!

Goal #1 
To support Parkinson’s Disease Champions.
On May 7th, 2017 Tammy ran her first 1/2 marathon in honor of her father while raising over $3,000 for the Parkinson’s Foundation.

Goal #2
Organize and Coordinating KnockOutPD’s 1st Parkinson’s Disease 5K Run/Walk.
Join KnockOutPD’s 1st Parkinson’s Disease 5K on April 14, 2018. This run for Parkinson’s disease event will be held at the Masonic Village.  The Masonic Village is a beautiful facility in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania where Jake, now resides.

Parkinson’s Disease Fundraising in Harrisburg Proceeds

All proceeds from KnockOutPD’s Parkinson’s Disease fundraising in Harrisburg and Elizabethtown will go directly to the Parkinson Foundation.  The funds raised during KnockOutPD’s events will be used to assist with research and advancements in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease.

With your help, they can accomplish their goals to help knock out Parkinson’s disease.  For all who participate or donate to their cause,  KnockOutPD thanks you for your interest and support!